Will an MBA help you become a successful product manager?

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This post was originally an answer I wrote on quora to What’s the difference between a pre-MBA and post-MBA product management role? As context, I have an MBA myself and have worked as a product manager across multiple companies (Twitter, LinkedIn, and essentially head PM as Founder/CEO of Seamless Receipts). My personal take, specific to the …Read more

Bloomberg changes the future of NYC with Cornell / Technion Tech Campus

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Today was the official announcement that Cornell and Technion have won the bid to build an engineering campus in NYC that could literally change the future of New York’s economy. While it will generate jobs today, start coursework in 2012 for masters and PhD students, and boost the technology ecosystem immediately, the program also looks …Read more

Will an MBA Kill Your Chance to Become a Great Tech Entrepreneur?

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There is a lot of debate about the value of an MBA, particularly for entrepreneurs and technology executives. So I looked at some top people in the industry and their educational backgrounds. Below are 17 entrepreneurs and technology executives who have run successful, disruptive businesses. The selection process was not conclusive or scientific, but created …Read more